Dorji Rabten
Founder and Managing Partner 

A seasoned professional with a decade-long tenure in the blockchain domain, specializing in project execution and growth acceleration. Noteworthy roles as a Cryptopreneur and Blockchain evangelist encompass advisory contributions to over 20 projects and the successful incubation of more than 10 initiatives.

As a co-founder in prominent DeFi, GameFi, and NFT projects, this expert navigates the intricacies of startup ecosystems within the fourth industrial revolution with finesse. Proficiency extends to strategic fundraising and adept project management, coupled with an academic background as a ChungAung University Alum in Seoul, South Korea.

Fabian Van Doesburg

A project launch maestro, a serial entrepreneur, and digital marketing virtuoso. Co-founder of 8-bit, the powerhouse behind KuCoin Exchange’s former operations, and an advisory force at KuCoin Labs. Providing development prowess, this expert crafts success in every venture. With two decades of marketing mastery, they weave a path for thriving projects.

Business Development 

A dynamic and responsive professional with a youthful vigor, boasting expertise in Operations, Business Development, and Portfolio Management.

Known for multitasking prowess and overseeing daily updates for 100+ projects in the Oddiyana portfolio. Expert in project growth strategies, PR, and forging strategic partnerships, all underscored by excellent communication.

Vincent Calianno
Venture Associate

Experienced in blockchain investing, Business Development and partner relationship management. 

Previously worked at Google for Commodity Management

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