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Investment that bridge the innovative Blockchain Startup and the venture capital. Expert in advisory and accelerating the growth.

About us

Oddiyana Ventures is an investment firm focused on funding the innovation in the decentralization movement, Defi, NFTs, web3 application, metaverse, blockchain gaming, unstoppable finance, and other new developments that are building game-changing business models in the crypto space.

Our connections and networks in the blockchain industry provide strategic drive and progressive growth for the startup to succeed. Oddiyana ventures was founded in June 2021 by a seasoned pro-active, crypto startup founder and blockchain evangelist who had gone through every stage of the startup phases of development.

Having worked with more than 20+ blockchain projects since 2017, this extensive investment relationship, networks/resources, and project incubation experiences at an international level put us in a unique place to cater to the needs of the startup.

Our crypto-native team and advisors have deep backgrounds in startup and technology alongside years of experience in the blockchain space. Our approach is to bridge the eastern and the western markets to provide maximum exposure to the startup in addition to our combination of expertise and competence in CeFi, Defi, and NFT. Oddiyana Ventures has made strategic investments in more than 60+ projects as of December 2021.


We grow with you, providing you the runway for smooth takeoff


We fund the early seed stage startup, accelerate and connect to our wealth of VC networks forming strategic partnerships.

Exposure / Marketing

We will connect to the right network for the maximum exposure for the project

Strategic Advisory

We consult and provide the RIGHT network and resources to support the projects in all the stage of the project live

The Team


Dorji Rabten

Founder and Managing Partner

Dorji Rabten is a cryptopreneur and blockchain evangelist, with rich experiences in all the aspects of startup ecosystems in the fourth industrial revolution, fundraising, and project management skills. Rabten took charge of IR and headed the operations for Beyond Finance ecosystem and growth.

Before joining, Rabten worked with Singaporean blockchain VC to bridge Korean projects and overseas projects for more than a year and then ran his own ICO in 2018/2019. He was also a co-founder and a CEO of numerous start-ups such as CloudWorks In, Blockon Media, Smart Bio Farm, and many others. He has a Master’s degree in Engineering from ChungAng University, South Korea.

When Bitcoin touched a 20k USD all-time high back in 2017, he was fascinated by blockchain technology and has been in the space since then.


Fabian Van Doesburg


Fabian is a serial entrepreneur who entered the blockchain industry full-time in the 3rd quarter of 2013. He has been a digital marketing specialist working online even before Google was a search engine. He was a co-founder of 8-bit, the exclusive marketing arm for KuCoin Exchange. He played a pivotal role in the initial setup campaigns and then continued to work on setting up partner companies fulfilling the needs of KuCoin marketing, supports, and development assistance.

Fabian is a big picture guy, very good at getting ideas off the ground and running in real-time. He is good at building a rock-solid foundation and then passing it on to someone that can do what he calls, “the boring work” of day-to-day operations.

His specialty lies in analyzing what every marketing campaign needs and utilizing all the tricks, both new and old to push any campaign to the next level. He is forever a student as online marketing is constantly changing, and his broad use of techniques that he has learned over more than two decades of experience make him an extremely valuable advisor on any project wishing to get their brand in front of the masses.

Ugyen Norbu Lhendup

Research Analyst

Ugyen started his career in the crypto space as a free-lance article writer in early 2019. Realizing the potential of Crypto and the overall blockchain industry has launched him into the path of constant learning and research ever since. He then started investing and trading in crypto full-time.

Later, through his connections, he was able to take up the role of Community Manager with a couple of start-up projects in which he played crucial roles in building up the communities. With his rich background in connections and community management, he was on-boarded as the Business Development in ShoeFy, an NFT project which was incubated by Oddiyana Ventures.

His nature of being curious has proven to be the key attribute that fuels the operation of Oddiyana’s research team. His ability to learn quickly and smartly has helped the team to be constantly updated with the fast-evolving trends in the crypto world.

Contact us

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